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01) Zero e um (Ett och noll) - from the album

Zero and one. To bounce between certainty or uncertainty. To enter into the calculus of human complexity.

02) Ela é tão linda quando dorme (Hon är så söt) - from the album

The dream of her sweetness mediated through the music of the North East. Barravento, the magical rhythm of entry into trance, interfused with the joy of xote group interfacing with a jazz band.

03) Vai melhorar (Det blir bättre sen) - from the album

The rapid transition from the culture of the Amazon to that of the city is shadowed here in the progression from the Carimbó rhythm of Juha Tanninen's drums or the Cataretê of the xequerê into the cruising samba of the chorus, bustling with the new tribalism of the city: Cataretê being a rhythm that the incoming slaves learned from the native tribes and Carimbó, a rhythm that the slaves gave in return.

04) No fundo do copo (I botten på glaset) - from the album

From the bottom of a glass things can sometimes feel pretty mellow. In the same way that the Bo Kaspers original captured the sound of nameless originals before it, so our arrangement travels back in search of the purity of bossa nova in the 1960s.

05) Antes que tudo suma (Innan allt försvinner) - from the album

For some, however, life is not so simple. The narrator in this song is a man whose life with a wife, and kids, in a rented flat is just about to disappear. The ache of loss, the irresolution of separation, the desire to feel no regrets, and the grim determination to stay on top of the world here circle round, like Jussi Mäkelä's maracatu-laden rhythm which spins out below them, in the strangely static tensions experienced by someone treading water in that last moment before the change.

06) Aquele que você quis (En man du tyckte om) - from the album "SIMETRIA: Bo Kasper in Brazil"

Memories of the Carnival in Pernambuco, the teaching of relationships passed, passing, or to come: and a man you used to like.

08) Jamais morreremos (Vi kommer aldrig att dö) - from the album "SIMETRIA: Bo Kasper in Brazil"

We all live against death. We all aspire. This setting of what is arguably the Bo Kaspers Orkester's greatest piece can do little more than nod in homage to the depth of their achievement.

09) Carta (Brev) - from the album

Then -- against the pulsing world of Pekka Kolehmainen's bass -- there's always the letter (whether to the lover lost, or the sixteen-year-old daughter languishing somewhere in another country).

10) Nada (Ingenting Alls) - from the album "SIMETRIA: Bo Kasper in Brazil"

Now that the meltdown from 1 to 0 is running to its end the ten tracks of this album begin to coalesce around an ending which defines their unity. It is a hybridized unity, for in some regions, and for some people, Brazilian music has always resisted easy stereotypes.


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