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Hi Eduardo, really great "Zero e um", congratulations for the idea and good luck for your project. Why have you chosen Bo Kasper's music?

(Eduardo): Hi! Thanks for visiting us. The best way to answer could likely be to suggest you to listen to Bo Kaspers Orkester's original music. The answer is that "I just like it a lot", and my band friends think the same. I bet that Bo, as probably every artist in the world, take inspirations from other artists. By doing such a work the Brazilian Aeroplane band couldn't be more straight on telling where the inspiration came from.

Hi Eduardo! I loved the video! Please email me the MP3 of the song! See you soon!

(Eduardo) Hi! Thanks! Really nice you liked it! Our band's independent label Generare Ltd. made a system where the tunes can be acquired as low as 0.90 cents and it takes a pair (or more) of clicks! Generare made it in a way also that there are various systems of payment where anyone can choose how he/she can or would like to pay, bank, credit card, even by SMS! Back to 2003 we did a wonderful work for an album in cooperation with J.Karjalainen, it was a success but besides Napster giving it pirated for free we had our full album printed coming illegally via ships from Estonia, of course no one of us got that nice, encouraging resources that justify the work. If it would be for me, I would sing for free and for the joy of it, but even when our band produces this work, we have to pay it first! Studio, qualified people, so, to say, we pay for work. I was sad when I loved a song of someone and there was no way to buy ONE tune alone, and albums could cost above 20 euros. Now, for 0.90 cents one can get it and (I tested by myself!) even faster than surfing an illegal network, finding the song and downloading without paying. Real friends and fans are valuable. Please buy it and encourage your friends to do so too! Imagine: in iTunes for instance one can even buy and give it for a friend as a surprise! Thanks for enjoying and supporting our work!

Your band seems to make good work, why don't you focus these skills to create your own music?

(Eduardo): Inspiration based on an artist's work won't ever be the same, no one will ever manage to replicate exactly the work of another artist. Every time that something is concept in a new version, style or fashion, will sound familiar, but it will always be some completely different. The Brazilian Aeroplane does its own music, but working this clearly and focused on great musicians art is probably the best manner to learn and focus on quality. Studying with good books, good schools and great examples is a way to build some nicer and nicer. Bo Kasper music and arrangements should be lectured on music schools, to put it simple.

When will you have gigs?

(Eduardo): I hope soon, but at this stage of this project I wanted to focus on studio work and quality. Trust me, to do a good work and good quality standard coming from something that great as Bo Kasper's original music is not a piece of cake. I believe that good gigs will surelly come, and we will always do it just as amazing and cool as a summer night in Brazil.

Will you play with Bo Kasper in Sweden? When will you come to Sweden? Are you going to perform somewhere or on TV here in Sweden?

(Eduardo): I'd really love to, but Bo Kaspers Orkester has their own project, this our internationalization work of their music is made by my Brazilian Aeroplane band and it is a separate thing from their work. Of course it would be great to start as soon as possible to do gigs, also in Sweden even before we go with it to Brazil with it. This project is really very new and probably not even the media in Sweden have heard much about it, maybe some TV channel will contact us at some point, we can keep you posted, sign up writing us to We have been already in a few short TV programs in Finland on the MTV3, lets see what else comes. Bosse and his band are genial guys and in my opinion they could go right now, today to Brazil to play and in Swedish, their very own Bossa-Jazz style are perfect. My idea though is to get their music in Brazil first, then the momentum to get there the guys themselves. Brazil is a country with 200 million people that love good music as they love good football. It is anyway normal that musicians jam something when they meet, I'm in Helsinki now, maybe when I visit Stockholm I play something with Bosse and his friends, but that for now may happen in some hotel lobby for our own fun.

Hi! Nice concept, congratulations. What is this project focusing about?

(Eduardo): Thanks! This project focus on many things, but at least 3:
1) To bring joy and fun, entertain, to make people fall in love to each others while listening to it, to be useful for instance to listen it in a car trip, in a party, in a summer place even if you are in the middle of a Swedish winter.
2) To promote so that also other people outside Sweden can enjoy this fantastic music originally made in Swedish by Bo Kasper and his Orchestra.
3) To sell Bo's music once again anywhere as as well as new, as it was sold in Swedish as when they first released it. Of course, also to bring cultural, emotional, economic reward for all, to Bo Kasper and his Orchestra while I also build a space to my Brazilian Aeroplane band, all those guys are great and deserve it. If I really make Bo to be popular and his music in Brazilian be a success for instance in Brazil, Bo may pay me a pizza somewhere in Stockholm.

The album! When we get the album?

(Eduardo): The album arrangements and its parts are ready long ago, the plan to release it is for the Christmas sales, likely in November 2010. Nevertheless we need to face the reality: while Finland is probably the best place on earth for music production, there's really no music industry here as such, not like for instance in Sweden. Financing a project like this can be frustrating, if it would haven't been for our Independent Label Generare Music Ltd. we would have never had the resources. This of course is a situation for nearly all bands in Finland, and trust me, people in this country are massively great artists, I honestly think that some waste of talents and ideas are lost here, probably because of funding being exaggeratedly focus on high-tech, and less on humanistc areas.

Besides "Ett och noll" (Zero e um), what other songs will be on the album?

(Eduardo): I think that a surprise on it would be nice. Also, its is really difficult to decide the songs since they all are great... I have translated almost all Bo Kasper's songs though, even in Italian.

What is the difference between Bossa and Jazz?

(Eduardo): For me Jazz is something done by our North American brothers in USA pretending to do Brazilian music. Bossa instead is something that those South American people in Brazil work hard to make it look like Jazz. So, since both fail, it comes something really cool, and both have in common the African culture dating the European one.

Is it so that you made Bo Kasper music also in Italian language? Aren't you from Brazil?

(Eduardo): Italian is likely my second language, although I have no family related to Italy, my accent is very near as those of people from Genova. I am simply madly in love to Italian culture, language and the people: I lived in Italy for 11 years where I got my university degree. People in Italy are probably one of those I have most to thank for the artistic education and background for how I refined my music work, I simply couldn't leave Bo Kasper music only in Brazilian since Italian language is equally in my soul. I was born in Brazil, citizen of Portugal, my whole family is Portuguese, I was educated in Italy, I live in Finland... so, I am still Brazilian, but somehow I lost a bit my GPS on the road. Bossa-Jazz has been a quite nice compass.

Did you got a video?

(Eduardo): Yes! Actually it was meant to be a video, but I got a bit exhageratedly great movie director that turned it more as a short movie. Jarmo Mäkinen is a very popular actor in Sweden for usually being in the role of a "bad Finnish guy", since he is one of my best friends, we made so that this is a rare movie where he doesn't get shot in the end, well yeah, this song is about love we have for different things. Here you have it:

clicking here!

Who is behind this project? Have you got any support to it?

(Eduardo): This project has been financed completely by Generare Music Ltd from Helsinki. The always busy Swedish ambassador in Finland gave us a very kind (which was also a consistent) moral support. Gramex (Finnish a copyright society) allowed modest funds for creation of the new lyrics, but denied those for the production / marketing part. The Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation approved us support to travel to Sweden. Kulturfonden, (Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland) surprisingly hasn't even informed us that they haven't given any support, so we are not waiting it either anymore.
Unfortunately, funds for projects like these relies hugely on the cultural understanding of those deciding, which means that far more bureaucratic-administrative than artistic understanding takes place in the process. Basically, Eduardo is the band leader, lyricist, singer, co-arranger, art director, graphic designer, manager and IT in chief for the project. Thanks heaven the band is fabulous, the personell at Generare are computer geniuses and the company partners are just the cream one can find in this country, we have a team of about 20 people involved making the Aeroplane to shine, fly smooth and safe.

Who is in charge of this project? Who is the owner of it?

(Eduardo): This project is entirelly owned by Generare Ltd. of Helsinki, Finland. I am a glad and humble worker for this Independent Label. Generare Ltd. is also a cutting edge web and IT firm developing great solutions for all types of industry and commerce business, this time they did great with the tools for the music business, they were fantastic on tailoring web tools for artists, and I'm not the first one either. (Thanks Generare!)

Where can I send my question to this site? When will it be visible? Is it moderated?

(Webmaster): Yes, for now you can send your questions by clicking at We do moderate and select the questions since there may be other people interested on what this project is focusing about.

Besides Bo Kaspers Orkester, what else from Sweden you like?

(Eduardo): That would need a long answer, but of course, I am crazy for instance for Lisa Nilsson's music.

Why your band's name is Brazilian Aeroplane?

No YouTube Video found.

Santos Dumont was a Brazilian inventor that quite much put together the parts of what today is called the Aeroplane. Back already on Leonardo da Vinci times, the idea was already on the paper. Even before Leonardo someone in China got some blueprints to the concept too. As a matter of fact, the true importance of an invention stands to whom actually worked and successfully focused on getting things from pure creativity into feasible reality. The South American Brazilians have an interesting love story with our brothers from the North on that. The Wright Brothers claimed that they did invented the aeroplane before Santos Dumont, but "they didn't inhale" (so, well, they didn't told no one, like me for instance that I already invented the car without wheels but I won't tell that to no one). Anyway, Santos Dumont was a cool guy and had nice friends as Louis Cartier, that guess what, as a sign of friendship helped Santos on fine tuning the wristwatch, invented by Patek Philippe, decades earlier. To note: Santos Dumont hasn't patented the aeroplane saying that this was an invention owned by humanity. Sounds like music to me.


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