This is me, 1969

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Imagine how cool it was to find this on the internet after so many years? Besides the advertising, I really was mad about that Toddy Instant Chocolate on my milk.

Another incredible coincidence: Anthony Johnson, my right arm in this music project, is indeed "Toninho" as nickname!

Eduardo: the feeling when Jazz dates Bossa

For some people, a job is as nice as a hobby.
When you like your job, you link it to more and more things you like.

My work always had something to do with music, lyrics and communication sciences (which are not just language but, rather arts and semiotics). And Bossa Nova, the long-time girfriend of Jazz, with its all zeros and ones, as in binary computer code.

Semantics and emotions are such cool things to live with.?
Music has the power to transpose cool theory into pure fun.

My mother language is Portuguese and Italian is the language in which I dream. English is the language I most use, Spanish is the one I believe that I know, French is really beautiful but I can only understand it well if I read it. Finnish is the language my family speaks, and my Swedish is in its first baby steps.

My work with lyrics is indeed very close to the extremely technological job I do: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well yes, I love information technology like I love music, belonging to and leading a team of 15 experts in the SEO business in Finland. SEO is a work based on the skillful application of linguistics to algorithms in such a way that companies like Google or Bing are happy with what you do. Hence our customers website is found more quickly and in better positions among spontaneous search results.

It rapidly became clear that to work with the things I most liked, it would not have been enough just to have been an artist. So I extended my university studies in Milan towards economics IT and multi-medial techniques: the combination of the 3 branches completing me as an artist working on computer graphics for commercial purposes. From there, I looked at computers, and then more computers. The only way to survive it was to listen and make bossa nova. Thank heaven I had friends in my band to help me with that!

I was an extremely lucky kid: thriving on masses of love from caring parents.

Eduardo is of course that smiling kid on his mom’s lap.

A lot of what I sing today comes from that feeling of love they gave me.?
Dad used to drive for hours with me and mom, bumbling along the road from São Paulo to Rio in a shiny green-and-white Ford pick up. On the tape-player we all could listen to the voices of Ray Charles and Nat King Cole over and over again.

Dad looked a bit like Humphrey Bogart, mom like Ava Gardner.
They were romantic and loving – as in the movies – yet for year upon year there was nothing theatrical about the relationship: all was real, like living a movie. And it was a time when Bossa Nova also started to become a very popular style among the Brazilians.

This is mom and dad, lovely folks from Portugal building love in Brazil. Both are now in paradise, but hey, what a great bossa they left behind for all of us here.

Parental love probably made me into someone who lives in a musical sphere even when he is working on something else (no matter what, or where). Optimistic people like me can be naive in wishing good for whomever I meet, but that is what I really do. Sometimes these simple, positive, things also got me in trouble. But HEY! Like most of us, I also met envious, destructive and dishonest people in every country, like that "out of tune whistling Smart guy" spending its entire Little Nights in the unique art of twisting rules in order to benefit on its own personal interest, costly paid by its neighbors pockets, fooling people 731 times, careless about law as he would never get caught as indeed he will... even in an honest country like Finland.

Someone would even call that creativity.

Nevertheless here we are, enjoying a full life which is rich of fabulously good surprises. I hope that whoever listens to the music of our band can enjoy it as much as we do, as much as the Swedish people enjoyed its originals by Bo Kaspers Orkestra in the Swedish language.

The real cool thing was to meet Bo (Bosse) Kasper himself: the guy, like the rest of my family in Brazil, has real goodness in his heart, its a honour to do all possible good for him, to internationalize with the power of the Brazilian music his art and band.

Here the bossa meets jazz, all continues like in that shiny green-and-white Ford pick up, once again.

This is Sanna, my very best friend, someone I met in a dusty computer room in Åbo Academi, the Swedish speaking University in Finland. She is a computer and semantic genius, she is also the one behind our versions of Bo Kasper’s lyrics: checking and proof reading everything before it turns into Brazilian bossa.


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"Being an optimist is a condition of birth, but music might have something to do with it".

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