Eduardo & his Brazilian Aeroplane

Brazilian Aeroplane is a band with a multi-national history and fame. Piloted by Eduardo Domingues de Jesus in São Paulo, Brazil, many years ago it was test-driven in Milan, where Eduardo supplemented his Fine Arts studies by singing classic bossa nova and jazz grooves. When love for technology brought Eduardo to Finland, he kept the playing going anyway, singing and reshaping his projects, crew and ideas. The band assumed a special form when the Aeroplane hired Anthony Johnson as co-pilot, taking to the air many times: working with different crews of great musicians. Anthony ("Toninho") brought his talents as an arranger, a violinist and as a guitar player to the band, merging his British background with a deep love of Brazilian rhythms in order to produce fresh-sounding arrangements of works by artists as diverse as J. Karjalainen, Anna Hanski, Heikki Sarmanto and Bo Kasper. The current band complements Eduardo and Toninho with a core of top-class players, and performances by (among others) Anders Östling on electric guitar, Fabio Oliveira on its 6 and 7 string classical guitar, and Olga Shishkina on 39-string kantele and gusli. Jussi Mäkelä and Juha Tanninen are responsible for the percussion and drums while Pekka Kolehmainen underpins everything with his solid bass lines. Leri Leskinen brings his angelic touch to the keyboards on the project, and Tommi Vainikainen pulsed in a few drum lines to spread their vibes to the Aeroplane wings.

Eduardo got a long list of great people that supported his Aeroplane to get shine for its start as it arrived in Finland, time to time we update it here. One of them of course is Jyrki Kangas from Pori Jazz. Another one is Lasse Norres, a genuine friend for life as a Finnish friend normally is.

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We hope everyone enjoys and supports this project as much as we do. We’ve created a massively wide system where the songs can be bought very easily and accessibly- It can also be bought as a gift for your friends, so there’s no need to copy it from someone, get off on the good feel that comes from giving so easily at a nice price. The band will shortly have supportive gear like t-shirts and other cool items available for your enjoyment.

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