Helsinki Samba Carnaval
Eduardo got the honour to be crowned as the samba king for the year 2011 carnaval in Helsinki.

The samba festivities 2012:
- in June, more detailed info later

DOWNLOAD Free Finnish National Anthem in bossa jazz version!

LATAA ilmaiseksi Suomen kansallislaulu "Maamme" bossa jazz -versiona!

Ourvision 2011, Savoy theatre:
Eduardo and His Brazilian Aeroplane won the title of "the Best Band" in the finals! 

Simetria-albumi on CDbabyn ykkönen kategoriassa "Brazilian Pop". Simetria on yltänyt hienosti Yhteishyvän (3/11) top 5 -listalle.
Fyysisiä cd-levyjä voi ostaa myös nettikaupastamme.

The album "Simetria - Bo Kasper in Brazil":
- the number 1 in iTunes 11/2010
- the number 1 in CDbaby "Brazilian Pop"
- top 5 of Yhteishyvä (Sokos chain) in Finland
We are selling physical CD's on our own webshop and albums are also available in other stores (Stockmann, Digelius, Levykauppa X...).

Brazilian Aeroplane has been nicely busy with private gigs and summer gigs organizations. Thanks for all the participants!

Zero e um (Ett och noll)

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This is a video that became a short movie. It is a sum of Brazilian, Swedish and Finnish emotions which we pretty much believe it has a lot in common with everybody in the world. The video is for the single "Zero e um (Ett och noll)" - "SIMETRIA: Bo Kasper in Brazil by Eduardo & his Brazilian Aeroplane".

This is a continuation of the band's "TELEPATIA: J.Karjalainen in Brazil" which is currently being sold also on iTunes.

Also HD quality of this movie available in YouTube.

Eduardo at MTV 3 interview on music internationalization: Settings of Bo Kasper music in Brazilian waves

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Bo Kasper in Brazil: Music internationalization has the beauty of multiplying what is already great for a few people, to the rest of the world that would then have the chance love to enjoy it too. By dedicating its energies exporting the work of Nordic artists in the Brazilian jazz-bossa and language, Eduardo and his Brazilian Aeroplane band widen the range of beauty of former musical successes as again a brand new and entertaining poetry.

Simetria: Bo Kaspers in Brazil

In the beautiful North of Europe lies a fascinating land called Sweden.

Sweden is also fortunate in being the home to Bo Kaspers Orkester (Bo Kasper’s Orchestra).

Brazilian Aeroplane is a band working in Finland which felt that it was unfair that music of the calibre of that produced by Bo Kaspers was only being enjoyed only by Swedish speakers in Sweden and Scandinavia.

So we committed ourselves to producing an album of their music for a Brazilian audience translated the lyrics into Portuguese and rearranged the songs in Brazilian settings.

It is our sincere hope that this project will prove entertaining also for other countries, cultures and languages.

Simetria is an album containing Brazilian interpretations of many of Bo Kaspers Orkester’s greatest Swedish successes. The song chosen to start this project is "Zero e um": a symmetrical mirror-image of its Swedish original, "Ett och noll".

In its Brazilian format, "Zero e um" is very similar to the original and its lyric focuses the joys and paradoxes which are so often presented within a love affair.

Everyone moved by love to live with someone comes across a host of symmetries and counter-symmetries which need to be faced, evaluated, sorted and solved.

Queen Silvia of Sweden is a person who has a lot of Brazilian love in her heart.

As most of us know, her family had a very beautiful celebration, as her daughter, the Crown Princess, married Mr. Daniel Westling on Saturday 19th of June 2010.

As well as thanking Bo Kasper, his Orchestra and Sony for their cooperation on this project, Brazilian Aeroplane would like to dedicate our single to the Royal Couple, wishing them a happy, and life-long, family continuation.


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"Being an optimist is a condition of birth, but music might have something to do with it".

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Visit Bo Kaspers Orkester's official site, you should consider buying his original songs in Swedish if you haven't done that yet:

Bo Kaspers Orkester original music is sold also on iTunes

Kantele is a very special Finnish instrument. Our band is glad to introduce it for the very first time into the bossa and jazz style.

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